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Google's Rules of Engagement
GoMobi Requirements

1 sec. Page Load Benchmark
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Welcome to The Evolution of Websites & Apps.

The rules have changed, you MUST be doing Mobile Marketing and you MUST do it correctly. New Google systems that are open source and FREE not only make this possible, they give you Total Control while making Webmasters Obsolete. (Your webmaster probably knows about this system but they don't tell you because if they do, they lose a client.)

WebEVOLV™ changes the game.

There are two systems you need to know about, Progressive Web Apps and the new Google AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages. 

If you are interested in Business Success, you'll get the facts.

It's no longer about just Who, What, Where.

If your site doesn't WOW the visitor and if it's not in compliance, you are already loosing ground to your competitors.


Google has been telling us for years what they need.
Now they are lowering the Hammer.


A critical aspect is how fast your site loads on Any Device
Poor performing sites are being De-Listed by Google.