Your FREE IdahoSAVE™, or other State[SAVE] Listing, will get you Free Customers.

Not a misprint, it's FREE.

Because of our Excellent Supporters and a couple of Grants we are able to kick our Buy Local campaign into high gear. This means we will help you get Free Customers and there will be no sunset on this promotion.

IdahoSAVE™ Listing

Let us know a little about you what category you belong in. If we have to create a new one, not a problem.

Qnow™ Link

We can create a camera ready marketing piece just like below with your own Qnow™ link directly to your listing. If you want it to be more customized than this, just let us know. 
There is a one time $5 fee to create this and set it up.

Camera Ready, H.D.

It will be in H.D., Camera Ready so it prints in high quality.
We all need to promote the Buy Local campaign.
If you want to explore the many options of this incredible technology, see TouchlessConnect™ or even ScanOfTheDay™ from our TouchlessMarketing™ system.

Here is a Sample os your certificate.

It's 8.5x11, or we can make it smaller in 4-up if you like. 4x6.
This is a custom one for Maverik, yours will be slightly different. If you have a special request let us know.

To see how our special Qnow™ system works and see for yourself that it's superior, turn off your Wi-Fi before you scan. With Wi-Fi off, point your camera phone at the code and check out the speed.

Our unique system works with or without Wi-Fi. That's always been the drawback of QR codes, they aren't very reliable. But ours is Qnow™...AnyTime, AnyWhere, NOW.

Also give us the wording and any special things you want to say on your UtahSAVE™ listing, or any special links you need, even video.

Qnow™, the Evolution of QR Codes.
If you don't have a Logo we'll create one for you at No Charge. We even have options for Power Videos.